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A full-day immersive

hands-on workshop experience. 

We create learning experiences for IT Teams, Startup Founders and college students to make sure they're always in sync with on-going and upcoming technologies & trends.

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Courses Crafted

For Your Teams

We believe in empowering teams to pursue their passion by providing them with industry standard practical education both online and offline.

What our students say

Arpit Kumar 

A mindset changing session.

Abhinav Saxena

The session was very interactive and learned more about how to build and grow a business and changed my mindset about how to approach the problem.

Yashvi Shah

It was an eye-opener about the actual social world and how can we use it efficiently

Custom Tailored Sessions

Our courses are designed by our educators & collaborators from the industry in order to provide one of a kind learning experience.

Girish Ramnani

Code Right


A dynamic & interactive 2-hour session that provides an overview of the latest development of the IT industry covering blockchain, dev-ops & more.

Girish Ramnani

Intro to Golang


A 6-hour hands-on workshop to understand the basics of Golang. Don't forget to bring your laptop with the necessary IDE installed.

Prathamesh Patel

Business Model Design 


A practical & hands-on 2-hour workshop for CEOs, Decision Makers & students to learn Business Model Canvas.

Learn how to upgrade the skills of your teams to grow your business for free.

Educators & Speakers

Girish Ramnani

DevOps & Blockchain Developer

He is a DevOps engineer with a love for distributed systems. A strong supporter of open source and a test-driven development fan. 

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Prathamesh Patel

CEO at SundayPyjamas & Kiwispecs
COO at Bitwill

He is responsible for designing services & products, building teams, designing growth strategies and management for the SundayPyjamas group of companies. 

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We believe in hands-on training for it allows us to deliver a learning experience designed with industry demands & insights.

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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